All about us


Our Mandate

bigdatarec is a recruitment consultancy whose primary focus is to accelerate  the career and personal aspirations of professionals within the fields of Business Intelligence (BI) and Big Data.

We offer expert career advise, in-depth industry knowledge and connections which open the doors to many of the top Permanent positions and Interim assignments in this field.


The Market

Business Intelligence and Big Data are game changing our economy right now. 

New companies and new solutions are emerging in to the market almost daily, existing markets are re-inventing their business models and businesses of all size are looking at the opportunities to use both historic and predictive data.
This drives business innovation, efficiencies, performance and improve commercial decision making.

Demand for professionals to support this is moving as exponentially as is the choice and variety of companies and settings.


Where we come in

We, as human beings are also changing, we now value our freedom to choose more than ever, to define how our lives look like, feel like and will become. We may find ourselves changing career directions and employers more than we ever thought.
What will remain are our fundamental drivers in our choice of work. 

Drivers such as the people we work with, the complexity and interest of our tasks, the product or service we create or represent, the capability to develop yourself, to learn from others, to maintain a momentum in your career  and the balance this works offers you in your home or family life.  That is an awful lot to consider in a job market demanding speedier decision making and where each company would like you to feel they are the ideal employer.

What you may need is advise, clarity, neutrality, choice and the highest level of  professional representation. THIS IS WHERE WE COME IN ..........