Interim Opportunities

Interim works

Working on a project basis within an organisation can be a highly rewarding experience for both parties. What is clear is that organisations are continuing to embrace the utilisation of freelance professionals. 

We commonly see assignments driven by the need to inject scarce skills sets and projects capabilities into organisations or to backfill incumbent positions in an organisation ensuring the client maintains business continuity during change.





Our value to you

Simply put, we want to help you find great projects which match your aspirations quicker and easier. We believe in focus! which is why 100% of our activity is within the Business Intelligence (BI) and Big Data field. We invest continuously in our networks in these areas, not only within the existing medium to large corporates in the Netherlands but the new start-up enterprises. We qualify and understand the unique needs of each company and their timeframes for their Business Intelligence (BI)/Big Data Projects.

We believe this knowledge will provide you with a trusted sparring partner who understands exactly what you do and where you want to go and can bridge this with the right projects.



How we work

We want to get to know you. We kick off with an initial meeting/interview and built from that point on. What you can expect from us is a highly professional and personal approach. We take all professional representation seriously and therefore ensure complete clarity surrounding any projects we discuss and our agreements on how we will approach this together.

Next steps

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